8 things people with good posture do not do:

  1. Sit on wrongly design chairs: Design of sitting chairs make or break  the body posture. Simply awareness about maintaining good posture may help to maintain posture. Agrominomically designed furniture may help. 
  2. Take long road trips without  taking  breaks and being  careful about sitting postures:While taking long road trips one should be careful about sitting posture and take breaks after driving 3-4 hours. In breaks it is good idea to walk and stretch legs and body.
  3. Wear improperly fitted shoes: Soles of your foot are foundation of your body postures thus, loose or highly fitted shoes may distort the posture. So avoid such shoes.
  4. Look down on the road while walking: People particularly old and even younger ones tend to look near their foot while walking as in our Indian culture, we are told to walk looking down. This leads to forward tilting of body posture. Thus head going forward out of centre of gravity taking toll of back and lower back.
  5. Do not enjoy walking or physical activities: It is said we are born to run. Now a days we do not walk distances as our ansesters used to do 50 years back. It is essential that for proper posture physical activities specially strengthening of core muscles is done.
  6. Do not care for correct seating posture: It is said you walk as you sit and you run as you walk thus sitting post is the foundation of all other activities.
  7. PUT BODY ON DEFAULT: For proper posture one need to be aware of head and back  alignment needs to be always kept toned up and dare not put on default and forget.
  8. Try to keep body up right: It is said avoid doing bad things, good things with automatically happen. If you want to maintain good posture avoid slouthing of body,stiffining back and neck.

Your comments/questions regarding Body posture are invited.

Major P L Devand(retd)

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