Aravali Vichar Manch is ..

A registered organization of Tribal officers.

Principal objective of Aravali Vichar Manch is to act as a “Think Tank” to identify and broach issues pertaining to tribal societies in Rajasthan in particular and India in general and propose solutions thereof

Aravali Vichar Manch is also dedicated to the cause of over all development of its members and their families so that they become able citizens of our great nation and serve tribal community in particular and Indian society in general.

Aravali Vichar Manch will also contribute to the cause of upliftment and education of women and childern and weaker sections of society. The Manch plans to organise vocational training programmes for the benefit of unemployed tribal Youths.

The Manch will also unite senior citizens/serving /retired officers with serving attitude, willing to contribute to the cause of development of youth. And a network of such mentors through out Rajsthan and India will be organized so that mentoring services to needy trbal youth is made available at their door steps.

Aravali Vichar Manch aims at eradication of bad social practices/ traditions like child marriage, dowry and alcoholism etc.

The Manch also felicitates talented students from tribal society and arrange financial and moral support to needy youth so that no one is deprived of chances for want of financial support.

The Manch is dedicated to the cause of preservation and enhancement of environment.