Aravali Vichar Manch is all About 4 basic things in mentoring: Mentor,Manatee, Mentoring& Mentoring Network

Mentor     –A wise trusted councelor or teacher. An inflencial  sposor or supporter.
Mentoring –It is process through which mentors help/ counsel mantee in manatees’ chosen area of counseling for their overall personal development

Manatee  –   He/she is an individual experiencing difficulty in dealing with day to day personal matters or unable to cope with changing environment/ expectations of peers and parents  and needing help of a mentor .

Mentoring Net work– Objective is to establish a network of mentors in Jaipur in the first phase and there after it will be extended to other towns and cities in Rajsthan.

List of mentors in Rajsthan:

1. Name– P L Devand FIE( India), Educational Qualifications- BE(Mech), PGD( HR),Certified team leader healthy for life program.

Experience: servered Indian Railway in different mangerial capacities in different zonal Railways, RDSO( Resarch and Development and design), Railway recruitment Boards etc. Also had forgien placemnets in Mozambique State Railways Mozambique for four years.

Countries visited: Mozambique, Zambia,Zimbabve,Malawai,South Africa, Great Britain, France, Laxmberg, Holand Denmark, Astria, USA,Canada &Purtgal etc.

Free lance teacher :  Learn optimism,leadership,motivation,laws of success,laws of attraction, health and wellness and  network marketing etc.
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