Daily Exercises : Nature has designed human body to work/do physical labour to remain healthy.

Research tells us, physical labour is as essentail for us as food we eat. We can not live longer without eating food same is true for physical labour/daily excercise. It may be a good to pick up and do a physical activity/sport you enjoy, it motivates to do thus, required physical labour gets done.

Exercise does not require a lot of time and money. There is substantial evidence that “daily exercises” are beneficial for reducing risk of chronic diseases.

Here are some examples of changing life style for exercises through routine living habits.

  1. Take stairs instead of escalator
  2. Park on outer lot of the park and walk from there
  3. Carry your luggage instead of using a trolley
  4. Enjoy doing house hold chores
  5. If you take train or a bus to work, get off a few block away and walk.
  6. Take a walk or play out doors with your kids.
  7. Persue a hobby like gardenig or Mowing a lawn etc                                                                                                                       Major P L Devand (Retd)                                                                                                                                          (Certified team leader healthy for life program)


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