Alexander Technique: 

M F Alexander was born in Australia more than 100 years back. In young age he was a stand up comedian. While giving stage performance his voice used to become horse and at times he was unable to deliver dialogues. He consulted all doctors and was advised to give up singing as his vocal cord  was defective needing surgery. Alexander did not give up. He started practicing/performing in front of a mirror and found his neck, shoulder and back getting tensed and  delivery got distorted/difficult. He concluded, it was misuse of his body that created tension in neck, shoulder etc. He learnt to relax theses parts of the body and maintained alignment of neck head and back he problem eased. He thought most of people suffer from distortion of body posture. He worked for about 10 years, on this problem and developed world famous Alexander technique. This technique is appended below:

Let the neck be free and head is forward and up so that, back is lengthened and widened“.

This is called primary control. Alexander technique found applications in for musicians, dancers, runners,swimmers, athletes and sports of any type, gym workouts etc. It also helps to cure  asthma, constipation,head aches, all sorts of back pains, spondylosis etc.

Practical application: Alexander technique is about creating the awareness of neck ,head and back.  While seating/walking/jogging/running. While performing these activities look ahead at the horizon or about 100ft ahead and feel, back is stretched up and widened all the time. All this is done naturally without any tension, meaning body not relaxed but toned up. While walking/jogging /running be present in the body so that, head neck and back alignment is maintained. While seating also body head neck and back alignment to be respected.

Slowly one can learn to follow the primary control. This will help to maintain natural posture.

Other resources: Videos are available on you tube under heading ” Alexander Technique”

Enjoy a video about Alexander technique shown below;

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Major P L Devand(Retd)

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