The inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison once said “I failed my way to success.” A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. We are all on a journey called life and our biggest enemy is not outside us but that little voice within us which says “Beware”. Storms will not sink mighty ships, rust will.

Aravali’s first issue received an overwhelming response thanks to all the members. While the first issue was about warming up the AVM members with the thought of having our own E-Magazine where we can express ourselves, the second issue will now build up where the first issue left which is to:

  1. Warm up those members who are not very active. Make them take notice, think and start contributing in their own ways.
  2. Provide a platform & audience to those members who write on whatsapp and other forums so that, their thoughts, ideas and suggestion get crystallized and do not get lost in the clutter of messages.
  3. Enlighten the group with focused & deeply thought out writing by those who are proficient at it.
  4. Create a voice for AVM which is unified, progressive and one that is focused on mobilizing its resources for betterment of the community.

Aravali has the following sections (1-2 pages max) that members can contribute in Hindi or English:

  1. Cover Story: An article which is in line with the theme of the magazine.
  2. In News: Features events and news which is of interest to the community.
  3. Our Tribe: Ideas, thoughts , suggestion for the empowerment of tribal community.
  4. My story: An inspiring personal story contributed by a member.
  5. Book Summary: Provide the readers a glimpse of good books and spark their interest into learning new concepts and ideas.
  6. The Paradigm: A new perspective or concept on bringing change.
  7. Virtual Tourist: A traveler’s perspective on a new place to visit.
  8. In Focus: A very relevant topic that needs special attention and focus.
Aravali Issue 2

PERMANENT COLUMNS: (1 Page): We are looking for those who are interested in owning the following columns. He/she will be responsible to collect/ write content and send to the editorial team for every issue.

1. Health is wealth: Tips and tricks to keep you healthy all around the year.
2. Laughter Club: Funny articles/ Jokes.
3. Rumaniyat: A refreshing collections of poems and ghazal.
4. Foodies: A curated collection of member tested recipes.
5. Beauty Tips: Tips to make you look better.
6. Inspirations: A collection of inspiring stories from around the world that will warm your heart with hope.
7. Quotable Quotes: Quotation, sayings that make us think about life.
8. Tales from far off lands: Unique fable and tales from around the world that carry a universal message.
9. Photo Gallery: Paintings/ Art Craft/ Activities/ by the members
10. Contests: Quiz,crossword or any kind of brain teasers.
11. Classifieds: Job openings/ Matrimonial/ Opportunities.
12. Know the members: A brief write up on 20 members with family picture so that we get familiar with each other. Format: Name/Placed Based In/ Work Info / Interests/ Family Members. 


1. Language: The articles can be in Hindi or English. All images submitted must be hi resolution.
2. Fonts to use: Since we all are using different systems we need to have same font for Hindi articles. Hence the submission must be in * Kruti Dev 10 font. The font can be found at *
3. File Format: The articles must be in word document only. We will try to accommodation all the articles, however if there are more articles in a particular section the left over articles will be printed in the next edition.
The editorial team’s decision will be final and no enquiries will be entertained. 

Please forward your entries on or before 15th May 2020 to

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” -Dale Carnegie

Major P L Devand(retd)
Chief editor aravali editorial team.

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Dr. Pm Singhdeo · May 8, 2020 at 2:03 pm

In which section article is required. I will send it. If needed

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